‘Sparks’ collides intricate rhythms, eclectic instrumentation, and an abundance of incognito vocal talent that lift Sort Vibes’ production skills to new heights.

From the colorfully percussive and melodic moments of ‘Apart’ to the downright soulful grooves of ‘Still Got The Funk’, Sort’s versatility as an artist is displayed for all to see in his debut full-length LP ‘Sparks’.

“My debut album, songs are mainly about self-empowerment and issues moving and dividing the society before the pandemic came.”
• Sort Vibes

The Austrian songwriter, artist, and producer puts his best foot forward with his debut offering to the world. It’s a culmination of years of work and a lifetime of influence drawn from his adoration for the hot energy of vintage Soul and Funk, driving Latin grooves, and all things syncopated. Throw in House and Disco into the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for something truly exceptional.

Sort Vibes has developed his own signature sound, one that incorporates intricate processing of analog recordings, splitting up the atomic composition of drums to forge something completely new to genres typically associated with more conservative music-making approaches. Collaborators include renowned bass guitarist, Gerald Kiesewetter and a variety of brilliant vocalists from Europe, US and Australia spread across each track,

“Influenced by his long dedication to Blues, many songs are pushing forward with off beat Piano patterns originating from Rhythm & Blues and Rock ‘n Roll. While rarely leaving the analog musical base formed by Piano, Rhodes or Hammond, the Sparks album reflects musical freedom to deconstruct drum and sound sequences and rearrange them to forge something new and unexpected.
Each of these songs embraces a colorful sonic world, enhanced in its own way with the distinctive voice of an individual singer, recorded in her or his own town, such as London, Los Angeles or Melbourne, during the pandemics.”

• Sort Vibes

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Sparks Debut Album

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