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About Sort Vibes

Where others fear freedom, Austrian songwriter, artist, and producer Sort Vibes refuses to be confined by the rigid nature of genres. Instead, his sonic world infuses a diverse palette of vintage funk and soul with modern electronic influences, inviting listeners to dance with their bodies and ponder with their minds. This framework has underpinned his versatile sound, expertly crafted into the nuances of his debut album Sparks.

Having been making music for the best part of 30 years, Sort‘s life has been centric to the artform for as long as he can remember. His unique ability to play by ear has led him to learn the intricacies of both the keys and guitars in the absence of any formal training, encapsulating the innate musical ability that has always resided within him as an artist.

As a result of these offhanded improvisations, Sort Vibes has always been dedicated to furthering his craft through collating and expanding on new ideas, while blending seemingly opposing styles. Regardless of the genre-breaking combinations that the Austrian beatsmith curates, his productions fly the flag for boundless musical freedom, allowing him to pursue a sense of unadulterated expression with each and every composition.

His music is his story, and it’s here to be told. Crafted without glory or money in mind, Sort Vibes makes music because it’s simply what he exists to do. He resides firmly in his own lane, and celebrates the release of his debut album, ‘Sparks‘, released in March 2023

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